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Sony HDR-TD10 High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder

At the point when Sony acquainted its HDR-TD10 with the photography world the vast majority were surprised to find that as opposed to having one focal point at the front of the standard Sony-style handycam, there were two focal points, approximately 31 mm separated. 

Why, numerous individuals stood amazed at that point, would Sony take its most mainstream purchaser handycam and add what looked - at that point - like a minimal (something that is on a gadget with nothing to do) focal point and afterward turn it free on a clueless public saying that they could take 3D recordings with the handycam that didn't need exceptional glasses to see? Additionally, the video didn't need and exceptional readiness. It was shot in local superior quality mode (1920 by 1080). The HDR-TD10 can shoot stills at 7.1MP (very useful for a video handycam) and it will convey excellent video in 2D mode with the flip of a catch. 

All in all, Sony has done everything directly with this handycam. 

It's intriguing to take note of the quantity of skeptics out there who actually trust you can't shoot 3D video and without requiring exceptional glasses (regardless of whether dynamic or aloof), yet the HDR-TD1 can do it. We don't have the foggiest idea whether they actually sell the old "Viewmaster" toy - it is, after every one of the a non-video, non-electronic gadget that requires specific wheels - notwithstanding, on the off chance that you discover one at a yard offer of swap meet and the cost is correct (a dollar or two) - get it and afterward investigate precisely why the HDR-TD10 works. 

Typical binocular vision - the sort that people and felines have - puts the eyes at daintily various situations on your head and every one sees a marginally unique point of a similar picture. That gives us characteristic 3D vision that we don't ponder. It just works. 

Presently, take the HDR-TD10 and put two 10X long range focal points about 31mm separated and prepare to have your mind blown. You have the "Viewmaster" idea once more. Since every focal point sees the picture from a somewhat unique point, you can have moment 3D right in your grasp. In the event that you need 2D symbolism with TruBlack innovation (one of Sony's protected highlights that upgraded difference and gives you incredible shading contrast and splendid tones, simultaneously), you can have it by pressing the 2D catch, however we're willing to wager that you keep the HDR-TD10 and its 28mm focal point (viably 280 on zoom) in 3D so you can have characteristic perspectives on your general surroundings. 

The HDR-TD10 likewise refutes that the doubters are, you can have 3D frameworks that function admirably in handheld mode. Part of the mystery, beside the incredible optics, is the EXMor R picture processor. Every focal point - that is correct every focal point - has its own processor and will deal with the video it is seeing freely of the other focal point, much like the manner in which your eyes work. 

Sony has worked superbly with this handycam and interestingly, except if you realize that it is a 3D handycam, you think it is simply one more Sony handycam gadget, notwithstanding, when you take a gander at the front end and see two focal points gazing back at you, you realize that you have something else on your hands that functions admirably. Things being what they are, who needs uncommon 3D glasses in the event that you have the HDR-TD10? You won't and we won't surely and we generally approve of that.