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Rise P1 a Smartphone by Huawei

In a competition to accomplish the most extreme number of innovation client shares each brand is concocting their own Smartphone, Huawei also appears to have bounced the temporary fad. Like some other Smartphone out there Huawei Ascend P1 to claims to be in any way one of its sort with different highlights and moderately less expensive than different telephones. Let us discover what amount does this telephone stands consistent with its cases. 

Huawei Ascend Review

Look and Design 

The look and feel of the telephone is an exemplary square shape, no precise edges or delicate shapes; this makes it seem as though a square of square shape when you grasp it. Generally completing of the telephone is in plastic with glossy dark shading covering. The screen of Ascend estimates 4.3 Inches and it is scratch verification since it is secured done with Gorilla Glass covering. Other actual highlights incorporate a forward-looking camera, three basic catches in dark situated at the lower part of the telephone and a speaker at the top. 

At the rear of the telephone, you will discover 3.5mm jack for earphone, a USB port and a SIM card space. The left half of the telephone has a volume button, the force button is situated on the correct hand side alongside a port for miniature SD card. 

The telephone estimates 7.7mm in thickness, this implies that it is slimmer even subsequent to having a tightened back. At the point when we contrast it and different handsets like HTC with a thickness of 8.9mm and Galaxy at 8.6 this telephone stands slimmer in correlation with just 7.7mm thick. 

Another fascinating thing to see about P1 is that this telephone fits effectively in the palm of your hand. At the point when we investigate different telephones with a showcase of 4.7 inches and 4.8, they appear to be fairly thick. Along these lines, this is a Smartphone that is anything but difficult to grasp and weighs at 110 grams making it snappy and great to take a gander at. 


Huawei Ascend P1 is evaluated at $499 that is controlled with double centre 1.5 GHz (Cortex-A9) processor and runs on a frozen yoghurt sandwich. A realistic card of PowerVR (SGX540 chip) for the upgraded graphical experience. 1GB memory of this telephone guarantees great gaming experience to gaming fans. Moreover, you will be effectively ready to perform different undertakings that require serious preparing. 

The 4.3 touch screen is Super AMOLED making the pictures and show keener. You get an improved picture quality with the goal of 540?960 pixels and 256 Per Pixel. To the extent the memory goes, the telephone is given an interior memory is 4GB however you can extend it up to 32GB. 

An 8 mp camera is situated at the rear of the telephone with LED streak so you can serenely shoot pictures in low light or faint light. You can undoubtedly catch a video of 1080p at 30 edges for every second. The forward-looking camera is 1.3mp to empower video talk. 

P1 is capacitated with 3G-network availability alongside HSUPA and HSDPA. Different things incorporate a Wi-Fi association and Bluetooth usefulness. On the off chance that you watch intently, at that point you will locate that every one of these particulars is given in a telephone costing $499, this is astonishing. The processor speed, a decent camera, realistic card are for the most part something that are the features of this telephone. 

Climb P1 Performance 

The assemble and nature of this telephone is acceptable and comparable to the enormous brands that are as of now settled in the Smartphone industry. 

The 8mp camera is acceptable in catching pictures even in awkward light conditions. The video quality is standard as once in a while the video may disillusion you with a touch of obscure. Screen quality is acceptable as it is scratch confirmation and the showcase is moderately sharp. With regards to the battery life of Ascend P1, the presentation is acceptable, you can undoubtedly overcome an entire day of video web-based and talking without charging your telephone. Regardless of whether you neglect to charge it, you can at present endure two or three days. In any case, in the event that you are searching for perusing, at that point this telephone may baffle you a piece, as this action burns-through its battery and before the day's end, you may need to charge it. In this manner, everything relies on the use and the movement that you are enjoying. 

The UI of this telephone is Android-based so you will think that it's like some other Android controlled telephone. The telephone is receptive to contact and simple to explore through the menu. The presentation is comparable to other opponent telephones in the innovation market. 


In the event that you are the one searching for a nice evaluated telephone with top of the line highlights and execution then this is the one for you. In any case, you might need to consider the battery utilization that slacks a piece while enjoying perusing.